Nieleze Feel The Breath


“The one who has once drunk from an African river,

will inevitably return”. 

The only way to describe

Passion, love for the people, and for the incredible nature that is this country.                                  Love for a country that surrounds the senses and makes you feel at home.                                          Nieleze is to start from where it was born.

Nieleze is our home, formed from a dream and deep in our thoughts. A place where                        we can forget for a short time the frenetic modern world, where

the days seem to be endless. Endless like  the plains of the Serengeti.

Nieleze is home to all who want to live the experience that only Africa can
give you. A range of colours and sensations that we can all experience

This is our mission, a warm family hospitality, without ever forgetting the
quality and the exclusivity of the services that we offer.

A stay at Nieleze brings together nature and wild-life, supported by the
politeness of a well trained staff.

Expert guides are selected to make the most of the extraordinary
experience of the bush; a personal service and excellent food, beautifully
matched with the choice of wines and drinks from our cellar.