Of an unquestionable beauty and appeal, the national park of Serengati is often identified as an ideal destination for the observation and the research of the famous great Migration. At first sight it’s impressive, yet the reserve, hosts an unmeasurable quantity of wild species which can be easily seen and photographed, set in a natural contest of rare beauty. Over 2 million terrestrial animals, 500 varieties of birds, an incalculable number of small and big species which are only waiting to be….discovered.

Nieleze Serengati is situated in the heart of the park, on the hills of Makoma, with spectacular views of the plains of Seronera, not far from the plane landing strip and the famous Kopjes, rock formations which poke out of the grassy valley that usually host entire families of lions.
It offers you the opportunity to enjoy this sight while comfortably sitting on the patio of your tent, drinking a nice hot coffee and letting your eyes get lost beyond the horizon or while riding a 4×4 off-road vehicle led by experienced guides who will show you a natural theatre of impressive beauty. The activities of photo safari are done from sunrise to sunset, according to the requirements of any single guest and they can be arranged directly with the camp’s staff. The park’s laws prohibits safari at night.

For the keenest observers of the bush there are WildSpot

Let’s suppose you want to observe only one or more families of lions, nothing else. Well, one of our guides will lead you in a search and watch the breed you have requested.

After dinner, there is “WildClick” where our guides are available for the projection of your photos and the explanation of what has been immortalized during the day. To the best photograph of the evening, chosen by you, a nice present will be given by the Nieleze Serengeti Staff.